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Account features. Margin borrowing for leverage and short-selling strategies. International investing in 25 markets and 16 currencies. Extended-hours trading, before and after market …

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Open an Account with Fidelity

Open Now. Already have a compatible Fidelity account? Transfer an account. Account to roll over. Compatible Fidelity account. 401 (k) or other pre-tax qualified plan*. Rollover IRA. Open Now.

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It’s easy—opening your new account takes just minutes.
Most Popular Accounts All Accounts
                  Open a Rollover                 
            Open a Traditional IRA           
                 Open a Roth IRA                 
Compare Roth and Traditional IRAs
Brokerage Account – The Fidelity Account ®
       Open a Brokerage Account        
             Open Both Accounts             
Saving & investing for a child
              Open a 529 Account             
             Open a You

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Fidelity Account Opening and More Useful Information

The specific process of opening an account at Fidelity might differ slightly from the one detailed here, but generally the process involves the following steps: 1. Choose your account. Before …

Account opening at Fidelity is fully online and user-friendly.
This means that you can go through the registration process easily in front of your device.
Check out this comparison table to compare the rating and duration of Fidelity’s account opening process to its main competitors:
Fidelity account opening vs. similar brokers
Fidelity Merrill Edge Ally Invest
An account with an online broker is pretty much like a regular bank account and opening one is at least partly an online process. At some brokers it’s as quick as opening a new Gmail account, at other brokers it takes a couple of days

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How to start investing | Investing for beginners | Fidelity

Step 2: Choose an account type. What you’re investing for can also help you pick an account to open. Chances are, you’ll want to start investing with one of these 3 main account

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It doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Here’s how to start as a beginner.
Don’t start by asking “What should I invest in?” Instead, start by asking, “What am I investing for?” Many people start off by investing for retirement.
Once you have a goal in mind, the main choices you need to make are what type of account to use, how much money to invest, and what to invest it in.
Although choosing investments can be overwhelming, there are simple choices, like all-in-one funds and robo advisors, th

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In less than 5 minutes you can open a brokerage account. A brokerage account can be used to trade stocks, bonds, index funds, or mutual funds. Opening a brok…

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Enroll in our 365 Days to F.I.R.E. Program: part in our 365 Days to F.I.R.E. Program and develop your financial indepen…

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Open a Fidelity Investment Account | Fidelity

Fidelity offers a range of investment accounts, including SIPP, Stocks and Shares ISA and Junior ISA. . Personal Investing … Before opening an account, please read the ‘Doing Business with …

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Employee Stock Option Account – Fidelity

Your Fidelity Account. When you exercise options, all cash and stock proceeds will be deposited into your Fidelity Account. Think of your Fidelity Account as an all in one brokerage account

How Your Employee Stock Option Account Works
Accessing Information About Your Unexercised Stock Options
Online Planning and Research Tools
Your employer has selected Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC to service your employee stock option plan. As part of the services provided, Fidelity has established an account to manage your stock plan activity. To view your stock plan information, log into, then select Portfolio under the Accounts & Trade tab. Here you can view the stock options granted to you by your employer, create a hypothetical model of what would happen if you exercised an

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Step 1. Go to Open Fidelity Trading Account​ website using the links below Step 2. Enter your Username and Password and click on Log In Step 3. If there are any problems, here are some …

Open Fidelity Trading Account​
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Open Fidelity Trading Account​ will sometimes glitch and take you a long time to try different solutions. LoginAsk is here to help you access Open Fidelity Trading Account​ quickly and handle each specific case you encounter. Furthermore, you can find the “Troubleshooting Login Issues” section which can answer your unresolved problems and equip you with a lot of relevant information. *We only collect and arrange information about third-party websites for your reference. We commit not to use and store for commercial purp

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Step 1: Fill in your personal information. First, go here and click “Open online” next to the first option, “Brokerage Account – The Fidelity

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Setting up an online investing brokerage account can be a bit intimidating. That’s why The

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