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A low-cost robo-advisor for independent investors is M1 Finance. The combined investing, borrowing, and banking features of this financial services software are in addition to the absence of commission and account management costs. This enables investors to borrow money to leverage their investments and obtain a more complete picture of their finances in one location. To determine if M1 Finance is a good fit for you, read our whole evaluation.

Features & Services: What Services Offers M1 Finance?

An financial platform called M1 Finance provides a hybrid strategy that combines robo-advising with traditional investing.

The platform is based on portfolio templates, or “Pies,” as M1 Finance refers to them. This wordplay is based on the platform’s aesthetic layout, which allows you to design your portfolio using pie charts to demonstrate how your assets are allocated.

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Investors can mix stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETF), cryptocurrencies, and portfolios that are either automatically or professionally managed to create their portfolios. You can choose and weight each type of investment separately. For instance, a shareholder who desired to add XYZ Co. stock to their portfolio can locate and do so. Then, depending on how much of your portfolio should be made up of that one stock, the system will either automatically balance it with the other assets in your portfolio or you can specify a precise percentage yourself.

On M1 Finance, which doesn’t charge commissions for investing in cryptocurrencies, you can research coins and create crypto-based products. All cryptocurrency purchases and sales are subject to a 1% or 100 basis point fee from Apex Crypto, which is reflected in the execution price.

The system of M1 Finance directs investors by default to its automatically managed portfolios, which are organized according to investing objectives. They are referred to as their “Expert Pies.” For retirement, income creation, industry-specific investment, etc., you could choose an expert pie. Investors seeking simplicity can pick the Expert Pie that best fits their objectives, and stop there. Your portfolio will simply be managed using that template in this scenario. Others can either select one of M1 Finance’s automatically managed portfolios and utilize it as a starting point before adding their own assets as they see fit, or they can completely disregard this choice.

An interface from the robo-advising industry is the end result. M1 Finance balances your investments throughout the entirety of your portfolio, in contrast to a typical investment platform where you buy individual shares of stocks. You don’t pick 100 XYZ Co. shares. Instead, you decide to have 5% of XYZ shares in your portfolio. It does, however, also provide certain investment platform options. While you can create your own portfolio fully from the platform’s portfolio options and have it entirely managed by M1 Finance’s algorithms, you can also independently add stocks and ETFs to the mix.

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This is not to imply a full-service investment platform cannot be replaced by M1 Finance. Although the program has stock and ETF screeners that let you search by technical indicators like dividends and price-earnings ratios, these are quite limited in scope. The service is very constrained for those seeking a truly sophisticated individual-asset experience. Instead, it is rather obvious that the ability to pick specific assets is an improvement to M1 Finance’s main offering. The best way to think of this is as a robo-investment tool that enables people to complete their portfolios as they see fit with individual stocks and ETFs.

Finally, M1 Finance provides only a few banking options in addition to its investing services. Any funds not being actively invested are kept in a checking account that you can access and even get a debit card for, and some clients have access to lines of credit for margin trading.

Workings of M1 Finance

The foundation of your M1 Finance account is investing. M1 Borrow is a line of credit secured by your investment account balance of at least $10,000 that is integrated with the M1 Spend checking account to automatically fund your portfolio.

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The investment account at M1 Finance is designed for self-directed investors, so you can either start by creating a custom portfolio using stocks and ETFs, including fractional shares, or selecting one of several professionally designed portfolios. In order to choose investments more wisely, you can use M1’s tools and provide answers to questions about your financial objectives.

With its “Pie” interface, M1 enables you to easily see the weight and performance of each stock or ETF while also allowing you to visualize the balance of your portfolio.

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